Couple's Coaching

How is your relationship working for you?  Are you Frustrated?  Confused?  Feeling stuck?  Do you want soooo much more?  Good news!  There is a relationship coach in town. 


Come and discover ways to really see and hear each other, improve your communication, negotiate better, live authentically, and connect with your heart to the one you love.  Life is too short...don't just survive when you can thrive.  Invest in you and your partner today.  Let's design together a thriving, fulfilling partnership for you both!

It would be a privilege to journey with you in pursuit of a healthier, happier relationship.  If you are close by, we can work together in person at my Richland, WA, office; if you would rather work in the comfort of your own home or you are too far away, we can meet on a conference line or use a voice messaging program for our sessions.  Either way, I look forward to sharing, growing, laughing, and learning together! 

Sheila Schroeder, MA, BCC, RCS
Relationship Coaching Specialist

Designing life with those you love!


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