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Family Coaching

Family dynamics are so challenging at times, as you well know.  So many needs, so little time; opposing realities and unforgiving expectations, insecurities and chaos.  We get so wrapped up in juggling our lives that we forget to enjoy them.  That's what a relationship coach is for!


It would be my privilege to explore together with you and your family the individual needs and desires, the hidden expectations and fears, the longings and dreams, and the things that stand in the way of having a happy, healthy family.  Learning how to truly see and hear each other, to communicate effectively, negotiate well, live authentically, and love freely is soooo rewarding and the greatest gift you can give each other.

Invest today in creating a life together you all love.  Call or email me.  I look forward to getting together with you to explore the possibility of working together in achieving your goals and dreams as a family.

Sheila Schroeder, MA, BCC, RCS

Relationship Coaching Specialist

$150/two-hour session


Designing life with those you love!

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