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Weekend Intensive for Couples                                                     Location:  205 Stewart Drive, Blanchard ID 83804

Have you become frustrated with or feeling hopeless about your relationship?  BUT you're hanging in there because you do love her/him and desire a fulfilling relationship?  Weekend Intensive is a private home getaway (like a B&B without the food) where you can relax and enjoy working on your relationship in a beautiful setting. Coaching sessions will be in the comfortable living room overlooking San Souci lake with Sheila Schroeder, a Relationship Coaching Specialist, that will offer tools of connection and understanding regarding the issues that prevent you from having the great relationship you have always wanted.  You can learn to truly hear and see each other and work together as a team to explore and diffuse the hurtful/frustrating/annoying issues that are destroying the relationship. Give yourself and your partner a weekend retreat that could change your life!  (Pictures below)


$599 Standard Getaway Coaching Package includes:                                                               (Credit, Check, Cash, PayPal Payment options)

     FOUR 2-hour coaching sessions (Sessions can be arranged to match your schedule)

     Preliminary assessments of the relationship and feedback regarding the results (forms will be provided when you register)

     Free time to walk, swim, dock sit, play ping pong, watch movies/videos, or just relax (Entertainment options close by as well)

     Large guest room in private downstairs with King-sized bed for one or two nights (Schedule can be arranged for only 1-night

     stay if necessary)

     [Meals are NOT provided but there are restaurants nearby that provide options or you can bring your own snacks/food]


$499 Weekend Coaching Intensive includes:                                                                             (Credit, Check, Cash, PayPal Payment options)

     FOUR 2-hour coaching sessions arranged to match your weekend schedule. 

     Preliminary assessments of the relationship and feedback regarding the results (forms will be provided when you register)


Example of Optional Schedule:  (Can be arranged to fit your schedule)

     FRIDAY EVENING:  Arrive between 5-6 PM and have the first session between 7-9 PM

     SATURDAY:  Second Session:  9-11 AM, Free time from 11-4, Third Session between 4-6 PM

     SUNDAY:  Fourth Session: 9-11 AM

             Click below to CALL or EMAIL today for registration or more information.

Sheila Schroeder, MA, BCC, RCS

Retreat Feedback

"Sheila Schroeder provided intense and meaningful couples counseling for my wife and I while we were going through a very difficult time in our marriage. Sheila pushed both of us to look deep inside ourselves for the roots, the sources of our problems with insightful questions, activities and advice. Our marriage is the healthiest that it has ever been and we are very grateful for her help. I warmly recommend her help to other couples that are struggling to know how to love themselves and each other." --RC


Designing life with those you love!

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